Range Of Portable Staging For A Perfect Event

Portable staging UK units come in a variety of sizes and styles. If you have an event that requires classification, but you do not want to buy or build your own, try for portable stage rental a theatrical supply house, rental store or event providers. Be sure to complete setup instructions with commissioning laptop scene, if you are renting for a single event or purchasing a test kit for various events.

Portable Staging Platforms

  • Platforms the surface of each unit start scene is a portable
  • Portable stage platforms can be wood or carpet covered and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Choose the finish platform that works best for your event; dancers have smooth and non-slip surfaces that emerged, which means they can cushion the impact slightly as dancers jump and land. Click here for more info festival stage hire

The musicians may prefer wood surfaces to warm sound quality, while speakers may prefer carpet to reduce the noise of shoes walking through the platforms.

Portable Staging Platforms Levels

The legs are the parts that hold the platforms the floor or ground. Start portable scene often comes with a variety of size options leg, usually in increments of 8 inches, which is the standard step height. If you want to have multiple levels of platforms, remember that you can have different heights of legs on the same platform.

For example, if you have a platform that is on 8-inch legs, you can place a platform through the trailing edge.

This second platform may have legs 8 inches in front, where it rests on the lower platform and legs 16 inches in the rear, where it rests on the ground, giving a total overall height of 16 inches and creating a natural step from one platform to another. For heights of more than 24 inches, you may need to create multiple layers of stage or add additional keys to stability.

Portable Staging Platforms: Braces

The supports are pieces that are attached to the legs to keep them stable. They are made of aluminum, steel or wood, and holding the legs or bolt. (see google doc) Some corsets are designed to hold the legs on a diagonal; these are known as cross braces. Other legs are connected horizontally, either near the ground or halfway between the floor and the platform. Braces are often unnecessary for leg heights below 24 inches.

Portable Stage Platforms: Connectors

Connectors, sometimes called blocks, are the pieces that each piece portable assembly is connected to the next. They can be plastic blocks which slide into a slot in the corner of the unit or locking mechanisms that require an internal key to engaging. Make sure you have the right to install the connectors that come with the kit platform tools. Connectors can also be called ganging devices, locked or pins.

Rails and Guards

Security is always an issue on raised platforms, so make sure your computer includes rails and guards. Rails are raised platforms, like railings on balconies or stairs, and help to keep people from falling from the back of the platforms. Chair rails or guards adhere to the surface of the platform, creating a lower lip along one or more edges. These keep the chair legs accidentally slide, and can keep items from sliding hand off stage.

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