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Solar panels are not overly complicated to assemble, although they do require some prior knowledge. Zonnepanelen Installateur In NinoveIn addition to providing the electrical energy needed for our daily activities, photovoltaic solar panels placed on the roof have the utility of keeping your home comfortable, apparently because they act as a source of absorption of solar radiation, preventing the heat coming from Of her to cross the roof and come towards us.

According to recent research, compared the temperatures of a roof under direct exposure to sunlight, and another that has a slight obstruction of solar panels, a difference of 5 degrees Farenheit, to light of the day and in full summer. But this difference is not only beneficial for the hottest days, since a solar panel also has the ability to “retain” the heat generated, thus reducing the energy consumption used in heating.

In any glass, if you think you cannot install the solar panels by yourself, you can always seek the help of professionals. What we can offer you is a series of keys and tips:

Tips For Home Solar Panels Installation

1) The first advice we can give you is that, first of all, evaluate the area. That is, you must take into account the terrain orography and, above all, the weather. Needless to say, solar panels produce more energy the more the sun’s rays hit them. Do you live in a sunny area? Or do you spend most of your time in a home in a temperate, rainy climate? Consider all these factors to determine if it really suits you to install solar panels in your home.

2) The solar panels must be oriented correctly, so that they affect the light of the sun for as long as possible. This includes guiding them in the right direction and with the proper inclination. In addition, you need to avoid all those elements that can hinder the reception of solar rays by the panels, such as trees.

3) It is also very important that you have a clear notion of the amount of energy you consume in your home, so you know the amount of solar panels you need to install to get the extra energy you need. To do this, you must also know the amount of average radiation that exists in the area where you want to install the solar panels, and the capacity of these.

4) Finally, remember that it is necessary to perform a maintenance of the solar panels, although it is not excessively complicated. Just check that all work correctly. Sometimes solar panels can break up due to hail, for example, or get dirty from bird depositions. A dirty solar panel loses about 40% of its performance.

The sun is one of the most abundant energy sources we have, the difficult point is to find a way to take advantage of it efficiently. In pursuit of this, researchers at Smart Solar International in Tokyo, Japan, have designed a solar panel that has a system to follow the sun while advancing in its daily journey. In addition to the environmental benefits it possesses, being a source of clean energy that does not use polluting materials in its manufacture and does not cause a great environmental impact, the use of solar energy in the home has benefits that go beyond the economic, being something comfortable And necessary what adds to the list of benefits.

Zonnepanelen Installateur In Ninove

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